2017 Edito: Fashion re-connection

Paris Couture Week – It has been quite some time since my last article. Nearly a year has passed without any fresh updates on this blog. I must admit it, I spent the last couple of months thinking over and over again about this industry and the reasons that muted me out of this gazzling sphere. I have known very great honors very early. I was invited at the top fashion shows when I was only 18 of age, covering the Couture week for Interview Russia and the growing media player Fashion to Max. But it all flew away once I got into my studies and started focusing on what really mattered: education. I did not completely cut off from the industry though and kept a glancing eye on the trends and shows.

Reminiscing about the good old times is always a pleasure knowing that I’ve came into this industry from scratch. It is a beautiful proof that whatever is your dream, you can realize it with hard work and passion.

At this very moment, I felt something that I never experienced before and began to question myself. What is the point of this all? Why should I keep on writing reviews that everyone could read on the top fashion websites? Why should I keep on writing reviews which would not necessarily reflect the truth on this industry? Should I express my deep opinion of this whole farce or simply stay flattering all the time and writing the same monotonous adjectives in each one of my articles “admirable, feminine, amazing, graceful…etc… etc…”? My thinking has reached a turning point with the Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2016 show. What the heck was this? It could not be fashion..! To some extent it could seem like art, and still, this is pushing very far. Where was the whole fashion industry going, between a deceitful press full of admirative comments on every single show and a lack of creativity led by too many collections a year? I defy you to find one fashion review which is critical, honest and with a good amount of good sense (in other words, a fashion-politically-incorrect review). Please I beg you to comment on the section below if you did find out somehting!

The Rick Owens SS16 show led me to questioning what was the purpose of fashion, a theme which I will cover this year.

So I decided to come back to address all these issues which make the fashion industry so unique and so thrilling. I will not write only fashion reviews which can be daunting, but mostly overall reports on fashion weeks. I will also add some fresh content to this 3-year-old blog with some business analyses and focuses on the challenges the industry faces continuously. I will try my best to publish regular insights. Also you can follow my Instagram account (here) if you want to connect with me!

Let’s make the year to come more fruitful in terms of blog activity and always remember, I will tell no lie and will not succomb to brands’ attempts of corrupting this blog… This is why I will use the hashtag #truthaboutfashion on social networks so any other individuals can join in.
Let the real face of fashion be revealed!

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