Russia’s Snow Queen

Have you ever been to Russia? Or maybe should I be more specific: have you ever visited Siberia? As for me, I’ve only been there once, but it was during the summer, and a severe heatwave hit the region where I was staying (Novosibirsk). So it is not exactly what we all picture for Siberia, meaning vast plains covered by snow, ice, and a peaceful silence.

Having stayed in Russia for a while, I can certainly understand those foreigners who fell in love with Russia, and partly for its breathtaking landscapes. Yulia Yanina is playing with this aspect today, showing a collection evolving around a charming and poetrical  theme: winter in Russia, and more especially the endless Northern Lands of Siberia. She also claims that Andersen’s Snow Queen was not out of tune as well, and she tried (and succeeded!) to give life to Gerda.


As for every living soul striving to survive in the immensity of the taïga, Gerda is divided between two faces: the evil and the good one. She can be an innocent girl, all in white, daughter of the snow, as she can transform into an audacious and powerful woman.


Prepapre yourself for a cold journey into the world of Yulia Yanina, with capes, sleeves, hoods, mittens and branching reindeer antles. A captivating collection, which held me back to Russia before I could realize the show was already over.


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