A modern poetry

This season is the occasion for Rabih Kayrouz to deepen his vision and jump into a forward-thinking position. Yes we are talking about couture and about esthetics, but who said those were not intellectual activities? Too often when I meet new people whose activities fall outside the sector of fashion, people esteem that I may be not taken too much seriously under consideration because after all, “I work with clothes”. So is this expression underlying the fact that clothes are an unimportant part of life and that fashion cannot be considered as a serious matter, just as finance or medicine is? That is for me the real source of inspiration for this collection. It is a starting point for a reflexion pattern around the notion of clothing, and how clothing can build a personnality.

Fashion allows poetry. Poetry inspires fashion. Poetry evokes higher levels of understanding. It talks to our feelings, to our soul. Thus the beautiful demonstration of sufi whirling. It is an ancient form of meditation which consists of a danse, twirling around oneself and eventually reaching a higher dimension.
I think this was a very inspiring presentation during Couture week, which enabled each one of us to rethink our approach to fashion and to art in general. Always try to undertsand the purpose of it all, whether it is showing what human skill is capable of doing, or just trying to impact one soul through perfection.

In terms of clothing, this collection was very much Paris-inspired. Drapés were recurrent with a touch of silk, which gave the overall an enriched aspect, softened by a range of pastel colors. It was like seeing the little girl walking in the streets of Saint-Germain growing and still keeping the same style. As always, Rabih Kayrouz is the master of simplicity and authenticity.

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