Bouton d’Or – a walk in the fields with VCA

Van Cleef & Arpels presented its last collection for the Spring last week in its brand new flagship store on Place Vendôme.Просмотреть исходную картинку


The collection pays tribute to the buttercup, this beautifully rounded and brigh yellow flower one can find cheering up the fields in Spring.

The House digged in its heritage and creative history. Indeed, it’s in 1939 that the first shapes appeared. Drops of yellow gold were assembled to make up a ring, a bracelet, a necklace. And as a result, we had an entire new collection which was born, and which became so popular it stared on Vogue’s cover for the April 1956 issue. It pleased the classicism, the formalism and the simple elegance women were seeking at that time. Discreet luxury. Isnt’it the best road to success?

Vogue USA, April 1956 – Bracelet Paillettes

The shapes of these drops which are moving along the movement of the body, embracing its feminine curves are similar to those of a couture dress. The flexibility combined with the lightness of each of the pieces presented would be the perfect match to be accessorized at a couture show.

What is actually surprising is its simplicity. And it seems it is becoming quite of a trend. The mix of yellow gold with crysoprase for one set and rose gold with cornaline for the other is an enchanting walk through the fields in Spring. We feel the soft light of the sun, and the nature which is waking up after a tough winter. And when worn, it is enlighting up the woman, giving her a whole new fresh tone to its skin.
Bouton d’Or is a pretty collection, for pretty women, cheering up the Spring which is coming after this long period of dark times.

Making of a Bouton d’Or ring
Pictures: Van Cleef & Arpels;


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