High Jewellery: The best of January collections

Paris Haute Couture week just ended up on a glittering cloud of diamonds, sparkles and glamour.
I was enchanted on this Thursday afternoon, right after the last shows of the week, when attending the first jewelry appointment of the season.

The Chopard collection was absolutely red-carpet-made, I could already imagine some of these jewels shining on Cannes film festival. Some of the pieces presented here, two steps away from Place Vendôme, completed already existing collections, like the Greed Carpet Collection which was very dear to me because of its admirable craft work but also taking a sustainable philosophy under account. Indeed, since The Journey to Sustainable Luxury, a program launched during the last edition of Cannes film festival. Chopard is moving towards a more protecting and environmental jewelry in the process of making. A visionary project! And then came the cute moment of the week, with this Hedgehog timepiece, all made and cut out of black moonstone quills, which continues the poetic ballad through the Animal World bestiary.

I just had to walk one block to finally reach Place Vendôme and its legendary jewelry houses. I went at Boucheron where the Serpent Boheme collection was presented to us, iconic, revisited into high jewelry, with the well-known drop which symbolizes the head of the snake and then the twisted sculpted chain in gold which represents its skin. Bohemian, indeed, one mustn’t be afraid of wearing such a ring!

And then I went to Chanel, which was revisited once again, all the codes of the House: the lion, the comet, the camellia and the ribbon. Not surprising but the result was interesting. It was very impressing! There were many imposing items, like the “Voie Lactée” watch or the “Lion Talisman” necklace.  Beautiful but beware of over-embellishment!

Fine jewelry in Paris is always the best way to finish on such a week when we see so much beauty and creativity. But this time, not many houses were able to present collections (in fact, only three!), as the Biennale (the biannual Parisian jewelry fair) took place last September. I wasn’t disappointed (who can claim to be!) but this season wasn’t the best one for the fine jewelry world, regarding creativity as well as craftsmanship. Many of the pieces which I was being shown were or too opulent or even too simple jewelry-like. No, I was expecting for more talent.

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