A Fashion Odyssey: Louis Vuitton Fall 2015

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We are always transported in another philosophy with Nicolas Ghesquière. When I entered the new Louis Vuitton foundation for the city of Paris, in this bright and sunny morning, it was like stepping into another world, another dimension, like in some futuristic aircraft. The designer is deeply influenced by sci-fi movies, Star Wars beyond many others. And when the show was starting, with this aerial and light music, it felt like if we were taking off to some other solar system.
The notion of time is playing a huge role in Nicolas’ sense of fashion. And his real genius consists in creating a fashion-forward woman while being 2015 styled. The futuristic avantgarde Louis Vuitton woman of this fall is assuming her opinions, determined and trendsetter. She evolves in a different world, where skirts and tops are beautifully curbed like if shaped by the wind. She’s wearing a lot of fur, in oversized coats or high collars. I wouldn’t say she’s glamorous, no, she’s more of an adventurer, of a spaceship driver.
The lines of the collections are following the modern curves of the building designed by Franck Gehry, very straight, sculpting the body, emphasizing femininity. In this collection based on simplicity and comfort, skirts are ruling, cut out of a breathtaking leather (as usually) and low waisted. On the top, shoulders are confusing us, worked as if they were worn on an alien woman. When are we? Where are we? The only certainty is that she is a Louis Vuitton woman.
As an aviator, she’s not attending parties and other social banalities. She prefers driving through the wild city, alone or with her beloved one, enjoying simple pleasures of life. Travel is an essential part of her life, as it is the case for the Vuitton customers, she likes moving, switching from a civilization to another one. It’s why she’s always carrying these cute and necessary mallettes. The strong woman for this collection is taking us on a tour of her ship, avant-garde, graphic and structured like her style.

Photo credits: LouisVuitton

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