Dior Haute Couture Spring 2015

My favorite looks:

It’s in a hyper structured show venue that the couture SS2015 Dior collection was presented. I entered in a pavilion with pink carpet, mirrors everywhere and scaffoldings. “I wanted that feeling of a sensory overload both in the collection and in the show venue, somewhere you cannot quite know where you are or which period of time you are in” said Raf Simons. Lost we were, lost we remain. This time, Raf Simons had to deal with what has always been the challenge for such designers who take on old famous and influential fashion houses. Taking the past as a fundamental basis and remodeling the codes into a new modern and 21st century-like fashion. Dior has an impressive heritage that we could have feared at the beginning Raf would have sticked to, without giving any personal touch. But he surprised us since the beginning, and there again we stand, stunned by such audacity. Raf dares. And here the idea was to take this philosophy under account, and trying to create a 2015 kind of style thanks to fashions of the past. Last seasons, Raf focuses on the 18th Century which was had a huge impact on Monsieur Dior. Today it’s more the perfection of the shapes from the 50s, the scientific fashion of the 60s – especially with the research for new fabrics – and the explosion of art and freedom of speech that is being seen all along the 70s through geometrical contemporary art-inspired patterns. He combined all these elements and built a futuristic Dior woman. Some dresses had such volumes they seemed very light and easy to wear, there were many looks which were rather simple and even the embroidered silhouettes had a simple structure. Architecture is the basis for Dior as for Raf. And we really feel that precision in the cuts which were perfectly tailored. The mix of colors, of fabrics (plastic printed coats onto Lycra books) dazed us and let us at the end, stunned in perplexity. It’s a definite new fashion, it’s a New Look!

I went to the show, you can see all my pictures by following me on Instagram @hadrien_lacoste !

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