Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2015

When I entered the Grand Palais for this Chanel SS2015 couture show, I was amazed as usually at the setting, flowers which seemed entirely cut out of paper were cultivated as in a hot house and popping out at the beginning of the show, opening their petals and winter leaves, giving birth to another nature, full of bright colors, lighten up by soft rays of a summertime sun.
Amazed indeed, how couldn’t we be? The first looks announced the trend for this summer, a season which we are invited to spend in the country. Gardening, like Karl’s muse Baptiste Giabicconi or walking in the fields, protected by straw hats which immediately made me think of Galliano’s Spring 2013 collection. But this time, the silhouette is enhanced, so elegant, so Parisienne.
The whole collection was based on colors, here a soft green, there a bright orange … Karl wanted to created a flower woman and he did succeeded in that purpose. At a Chanel show, first come the suits. Here the tweed seemed super light to wear for a winter fabric and the light degrees of whites used and soft pinks created an absolutely ravishing look. But those silhouettes already had an aura of déjà-vu… Then come the daywear looks. Embellishments everywhere, real treasures for the eyes! Look at this suit all embroidered with sequins and onto which we applied some nacre tulips or this dress all handembroidered. It’s not a flower in the way Monsieur Dior wanted it, in the shape, but in the actual couture work that is shown here. Absolutely breathtaking! Sometimes we could have said that the volumes on shoulders and down the coats were too much, but it’s Haute Couture and it’s all about drama! In another hand, we had some flawless and light dresses. There is an obvious research on the structure and volumes in this collection and this is particularly to be seen on last looks, these evening dresses look so simple and in the meantime the woman wearing one must feel so sophisticated! Low waist, and corolle shape for the skirts is the secret. And add a bit of Maison Lesage for the beads and a bit of Maison Lemarié for the feathers and you’re transformed into a Chanel fairy gardener! But the real ingredient that is needed is Karl’s sense of creativity and genius. He took his bow, smiling and enjoying a standing ovation. As usually.

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