Dior and I – Novel of a collection

Today is Monsieur Dior birthday. And to celebrate I invite you into his universe through a new groundbreaking fashion documentary.

Dior and I. The autobiographical story of Christian, a man enjoying simple pleasures of life and on the other hand of Christian Dior, a successful worldwide fashion designer. Two characters for one genius.
Dior and I. A movie worth of these legendary masterpieces of fashion documentary. It reminded me a lot of The Day Before series directed by Loic Prigent which let us enter into a world made of hard work, passion, creativity, anxiety and success. Those novels of collections are playing a huge role onto young generations, triggering destinies as well as new talents.

This new movie which will be released on April 10 in the United States and January 27 for France (during fashion week) is of the same kind. Intense, it shows which issues and tensions the designer must face all along the creative process. Thanks to Frédéric Tcheng, we accompany the workers of the House of Dior like if we were part of them. It’s such a realistic immersion into this industry that at the end of the documentary, we feel so relieved and kind of understand the feelings of everybody at this precise moment.

The plot is all about Raf Simons, newly appointed Artistic Director of the womenswear collections for Dior, who has to show a couture collection in 8 weeks. First challenge.
I thought it was also very interesting to see how a newly Artistic Director could implement his own touches in a house where heritage and codes are a heavy weight. And thanks to this so qualified team, dresses emerge, not without difficulty certainly. The climax of the film is finally the fashion show. The organization, the casting, the salute to an international press highly awaiting your collection. Literally breathtaking, whether you are a fashionista or not.

WATCH IT FIRST! France: January 27- 11.05pm on Canal +

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