Just in: John Galliano challenges back the world of couture

John Galliano by Richard Avedon
John Galliano by Richard Avedon

This morning, just 30 minutes ago, last week’s rumor has been confirmed: John Galliano is coming back to fashion, appointed as the Creative Director of the House of Maison Martin Margiela. An audacious about-face that will help him reconquer fashion sphere, that has been so chocked on this fatal Feb 24, 2011. He has already announced a new beginning on the first interview since this black-out period, on Sept 14, qualifying his return to fashion as a “step-by-step” ascension. I found him completely clean, self-centered and conscious of the revolution he is about to launch. This decision marks the first step of his return which we will judge either it is a triumphal one or not on the first cuture collection he will show in January for the couture week. We cannot wait anymore to discover this new style, this new “Galliano era” that is going to spread again on the catwalks. 


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