PFW day 7: ELIE SAAB Spring-Summer 2015

Sorry everyone I haven’t write anything since a century but I’ve been at the shows all the week along!
Wanted to talk to you about the Elie Saab SS15 show that has just ended up few minutes ago. It was truly cinematographic, the theme of the collection focusing on the sea. It reveals multiple aspects, like yellow-orange tie-and-dies which picture a sunset on the sea. We also have the sea at night with a very fine black lace on shoulders and of course a deep blue for the ocean as well as a very pastel clear turquoise for the lagoons. I think this time Elie Saab is challenging himself, not to show too much of his so famous embroideries. He thus presents an original collection in which we still feel his spirit but in a more modern, more interesting way. It is the beginning of a new era, an era of modernizing the brand image, an era where we try to find new fashions, new techniques to still be part of this thrilling industry. And I am so enthusiastic about this adventure. I say BRAVO.

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