NYFW Day 6: MARC BY MARC JACOBS Spring-Summer 2015

What a beautiful political speech Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier are offering us. A teenage ideal that is only possible at that age. Rave parties where we all believed in a better world, all united against conformism, are the inspiration of the collection. And when I think of this show, I think of a clear paradox. Teens are divided between their parents’ education, very model-like and the profound will to be different, to be original. And thus results mixed dresses, between clear cuts and an elegant white on a part and pop patterns, flashy colors, black latex in the other one. It’s a time in life of constant evolution and adaptation following our instinct, most of the time in rebellion against codes of society. It’s a world where all differences are banished to build one community. This is the message that will be carried out when you’ll wear some of these outfits. I think this ideal could find some results thanks to the commercialization of the collection and its spread all over the world. Cute moment at the finale, when designers taking their bow are hugged by a moved Marc Jacobs.

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