J’Adore Dior – New Version

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When I first discovered Dior’s new ad campaign for its legendary perfume, I was a bit disappointed. It is totally different from the one we used to know, where Charlize Theron was walking on a Galeries des Glaces runway, surrounded by a touch of glamour and which was faithful to the fashion heritage. But when I studied it more deeply, I found out a beautiful, positive and full of energy, nearly philosophical video clip. I thought it could be interesting to let you know my own approach of this moral Dior offers us. Positiveness, futuristic vision without denying the past but building a new future out of it, strength and what Sartre called “humanism”. We build ourselves out of our acts. This video clip is a hymn to a positive attitude we shall all embrace thanks to J’Adore. Charlize Theron is thirsty for new horizons, she knows what really is the reality and is not afraid of dreams. Jean-Baptiste Mondineau wanted her natural (almost) and thus her ascension is also natural. Beautiful and very golden video clip. But the critic I would bring is that it looks too much of a fake setting, she looks like an ultra-retouched-non-human model and the city which “is not paradise” is way too much of an alien city. What do you think? 

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