NYFW Day 4: DKNY Spring-Summer 2015

Stripes. Everywhere. It made me think in a way of all those graffitis that are spreading on walls of New York. And they are the theme of the collection. This streetwear label is once again showing a collection in reference to the city of lights, New York. Of course, because Donna Karan wanted to share all over the world the special atmosphere we feel there through her clothes. It seems while looking at this collection that New York is essentially made of skaters and taggers. At the beginning of the show, I was a bit doubtful on the commercial result of such a desire, but the more I got to discover it, the more I got to  understand Donna’s talent. Yes, all those looks are extremely street-like. Low waist, stripes made of color-blocks, sneakers, kaleidoscop patterns, everything was referring to streetart. But what really impressed me was for instance the fifth look, or the last ones by their grace and elegance and which were also really well integrated in the show. I also really liked the shapes on shoulders which were arqued, and created a strong woman. Also the use of basques was very interesting. We usually use it to describe a chic, very Parisienne woman but here, I thought it gave a little touch of dynamism and sophistication onto low waist. Good job but not my favorite collection… 

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